KARIN HARBOE (1971 Chile)


Playful try as creative process, to draw up an abstract representation of the figurative out. And to create as much space from the moment of recognition on the intuitive association, up to catharsis, in the sense of total detachment of any terminology.


A meditation for the mind - through the medium of cognition and conscious acquisition and creation of elementary cosmic origins - is the goal.


About painting as a medium to reclaim worlds that introduce them to archaic structures. Thanks to the limits of color, line and form the resolution contrive same and transcend.


The material must be always of natural origin, the techniques are also "traditional".



Born in 1971 in Santiago de Chile


Emigrated in 1975 to Germany


1989 First contact with the oil painting in Thailand.


1992-1999 Art studies at the Folkwang-Hochschule, Essen, Lecturer Helmut Sundhaussen.


1992-1994 Private Atelier Prof. Günter Bleck, Dusseldorf Art Academy.


1993 1-month internship in Malersaal the Schauspielhaus Bochum.


1991-1999 own groups of characters with Magdalena Sadziak and Marion Müller and Aktkursleitung in Bochum (RUB and FH).


1999-2001 study of eurythmy in Witten-Annen. Dance as Erfühlung the painted in the room.


Seitdem freie Arbeit als Künstlerin.


Seit 2012 in Berlin-Pankow lebend und auf der Suche nach Bockshornkleesamen. Wenn jemand welche übrig hat, bitte in der Hermann-Hesse-Str.20 bei Hermine Wolf abgeben.