Pablo Mosquera (AZUL)

Pablo Andrés Mosquera, Azul, an artist born in Antioquia, Colombia. He has developed a unique way of representing the world in his work. Bicycles and their popular uses, the daily beauty of their neighborhood, the sensuality of a woman, music, dance, violence and love are just some of the themes that abound in his work. Topics that he tackles with the joy of color and the aesthetics of national folklore.


Paintings in movement with a clear musical influence that can be seen in the dance, the drums, the pianos and the bagpipes that move like waves of colors in the paintings. Pablo not only paints pictures, but he composes them as if he were playing a ravishing salsa or a cumbia ciengüera. He paints with a quick and agile stroke bodies that he himself decides to call Mamarrachos that drip color that move honestly in the spaces.


He also paints on the reality of the communes of his city, his reality. Pablo currently lives in the 13th district of Medellin, and from his workshop he captures the beauty, violence and joy that surround this place. He is an artist with his own language, cheerful and forceful, who speaks very well of contemporary art in Colombia.


Stains, lines, erasures, salfotopicaduras, suggestive forms product of the appropriation of the body as vehicle of concretion of the pictorial act to the hunt of the moment in which the intention vanishes and the movement appears in its pure state. Perspective body, both memory and action, which collects the remnants of a world often overwhelming, but also sensual and rhythmic and reflective. Body that is the space of the experience, at the same time reason for story and trench of resistance.


The body of the artist as multifaceted as the blues of a day in the tropics: lover of songs and readers, dancer of the wind, carpenter of the bullfight, explorer of the sky, cyclist who pedals around the picture guided by his heart of wheel and the yellow of his palette in the footsteps of the Blauer Reiter. Pictorial drift in the broad sense, which leaves and returns to the same place: La Quiebra, the neighborhood of always, which makes explicit presence in his collection "The Bankruptcy, imaginary war on the beautiful dangerousness", which is proposed as cartography of the to reside in a community where exacerbated violence coexists with the persistence of men and women who wake up every morning to quietly rebuild the ruins of what others destroyed. The Bankruptcy, the place from which the strength of its body next to the power of the colors intervenes the reality with the playful of the self-confidence that becomes image.


Language of spots and lines, plastic of the days and nights that does not hide the scars left by a dangerous life in which life reverberates exuberantly. Bodies that climb steep stairs every day and walk and run and pass between cries, cats, dolls, songs, comets, beautiful women, they are balance between ugliness and evil, as the color that becomes poetic of the days, of a body that tries not to be overwhelmed by pain.
Jesús Andrés Gomez



1995 - 2002

Plastic arts

Popular School of Arts

Medellin Colombia


2001 - 2004

Alexander Von Humbolt Institute

Medellin Colombia

2014 -

Bachelor of Arts

Pontifical Bolivarian University

Medellin Colombia