Fabric, polyvinyl acetate and wood
48 x 33cm

The color, the colourfulness is the most striking feature that the viewer encounters in the works of the Brazilian Rodrigo Franzão. This applies in particular to the objects in which he combines different materials, primarily textiles, but also found, metal objects together. Franzão interweaves strips of different materials in strong colors into rhythmic compositions, which move through the interaction with the metal objects between an apparent bulkiness and an extraordinary dynamic. The combination of colors, which are often well-balanced, but not infrequently also on the border of harmony, testifies to Franzão's willingness to explore and, if necessary, cross borders.


For his work, the artist primarily uses textiles, different fabrics, but also sewing needles, copper wire and paper, sometimes he also works with oil and acrylic paints. His focus on everyday, preferably industrially manufactured materials underscores his preference for just those materials that surround the human being, whether he wears it on his skin or uses it in everyday life, directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously.


When asked why he uses materials that generally classify him as textile art, Franzão refers to his biographical experience: that his mother, who works as a seamstress, already knows the fabrics, the tools and even the sound from her workshop remember his childhood. Similar impressions refer to his father, who worked in metallurgy. From this he draws his passion and his inspiration.


For Franzão, however, his research, art research and color and material research are also essential. The combination of different textile materials allows him countless artistic possibilities, and the choice of both the material and the medium are dependent on the subject. That's the way it should be, he says, "the material with the subject in a dialogue".


In addition to his artistic research, which is part of his work process, his professional path that led him to fine arts is remarkable. Rodrigo Franzão has already integrated art into his work when he worked as a Portuguese teacher for several years. He subsequently studied architecture, psycho-pedagogy and art therapy, currently studying the history of art and aesthetics.



What interests him on a scientific level, the art in its historical, social and aesthetic context, he expands in the concept of his artistic research, the color and material research, but also a broad philosophical view of man and his role in society.


1982 born in São Paulo, Brazil

2002-04 UNIMARCO, São Paulo, Brazil:


Study of linguistics and literature

2008-09 FPA, São Paulo, Brazil:

Specialization: psychopedagogics and art therapy

2010-11 FPA, São Paulo, Brazil:

Specialization: Communication and Art Education

2013-15 CEULAR, Brasilia:

Study of art

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Plano e Abstrações, Galería Antônio Lino, Lisbon, Portugal

2015 Katharsis, National Arts Club, New York City, USA

Subtração Involuntária, Museu Superior Tribunal de Justiça, Brasília

Tecendo Formas, Anexxo Galeria, Abadiânia, Brazil


2014 Subtração Involuntária, Anexxo Galeria, Abadiânia, Brazil

group exhibitions

2015/16 Between The Lines: Exploring Drawings, National Arts Club, New York City, USA

2015 Fibremen 5. The International Biennials on Textile Art, Scythia, Kherson, Ukraine