Alicia Lillo & Amber Casaubon

28 Nov - 28 Dez, 2015

KARIN HARBOE, Solo Exhibition

Sept 16-20 Hrs

Karin Harboe, Solo Exhibition Sept 2015

She was born in Chile 1971 and grew up in Germany. Her education in Art started in heaven, she guess, when the diligent angel-bees composed her genetic material. However, she was drawn to express her self, thoughts, desires and feelings by drawing and painting since she could take decisions on her own. There were situations and persons that came into her life who enhanced the learning process by teaching her the eye and her hand. So she came to create an individual style, using raw material from natural sources only, meaning. Every piece of Art really is a self-and hand-made product based on sense of colour and composition, adding a main ingredient called inspiration from the cosmic world.