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Pablo Mosquera (AZUL)

Pablo Andrés Mosquera, Azul, an artist from Antioquia, is a painter who has developed a unique way of representing the world in his work. Bicycles and their popular uses, the daily beauty of their neighborhood, the sensuality of a woman, music, dance, violence and love are just some of the themes that abound in his work. Topics that he tackles with the joy of color and the aesthetics of national folklore.


Paintings in movement with a clear musical influence that can be seen in the dance, the drums, the pianos and the bagpipes that move like waves of colors in the paintings. Pablo not only paints pictures, but he composes them as if he were playing a ravishing salsa or a cumbia ciengüera. He paints with a quick and agile stroke bodies that he himself decides to call Mamarrachos that drip color that move honestly in the spaces.


He also paints on the reality of the communes of his city, his reality. Pablo currently lives in the 13th district of Medellin, and from his workshop he captures the beauty, violence and joy that surround this place. He is an artist with his own language, cheerful and forceful, who speaks very well of contemporary art in Colombia.

Rodrigo Franzão

Born in Sao Paulo, Brasil, in 1982, Franzão is one of the most dynamic and provocative artists among Brazil’s new generation of talent.

Enlightened by an early background in literature and communications, the work of Rodrigo Franzão reveals an incantatory discourse between the artist, his vision and his uninhibited involvement with found materials.         KATHARSIS, his actual show in New York, transforms this dialogue into an exploration of the human form moving from aspects of beauty to biological condition. The grounding force of Franzão’s line combined with the vibrant play of geometric abstraction gives KATHARSIS a rhythmic power. The work is further enhanced by the artist’s facile use of mixed media and a brilliant sense of color - an echoing pulse of his native country.


You can visit his actual show KATHARSIS at the National Arts Club at the Marquis Gallery in New York from September 28th till October 24th 2015.


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