KARIN HARBOE, Solo Exhibition

15-22 Sept 2015 16 -20 Hrs


Karin Harboe

Solo Exhibition

15 - 22 Sept 2015


Born in Santiago de Chile and grew up in Berlin. This artist would be inspired of cosmic visions and personal experiences, will present a very intimate show.



We are the first gallery in Germany which focus is Latinamerican contemporary art. Presenting a special programm of interesting artists from the region Latinamerica. Our mission is to build a bridge to the new world and inspire new generations to get connected.


Auguststr. 91

10119 Berlin


Tel: +49 30 28041681

Mobil: +49 152 04722467

Email: info@se-gallery.com


Berlin Art Week 2015

Wir freuen uns,während die Berlin Art Week Berlin 2015 die Künstlerin Karin Harboe aus Chile zu präsentieren!